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When I look at the prices of Website's in today's market and knowing the skills and training it takes to successfully design and develop and host a Website I find the variation of prices surprising. I' am not saying it is not a time consuming project that requires a degree of "programming skills" and a since of artists values and imagination.

At American Website Service we do Website's to help our clients get into the world of tomorrow. The "Internet Market". Building the site is just a portion of what a successful Website needs. You must establish what is your market and how best to get the word out. I work close with our clients and the people involved in marketing at each of our client offices. It takes meetings and E-Mail correspondence and phone calls to let the Client help develop the right strategy needed to get a return on their investments. We will guide you all the way to success.

Our Basic Website's start at $400.00 which includes the basic HTML/PHP Pages needed to get up and running.

A custom designed Flash Header at the top of every page with your Logo and basic information included.

All needed pictures and information supplied by the Client are enhanced to present your "best foot forward".

We build your Site to suit your wants and needs. We can help with the picture taken if needed.

American Website Service has a Basic Hosting Fee of $25.00 per month, that includes hosting and promotion of your Website.

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Bill Liston

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